Social Media Marketing Tools, Tips, and Tricks to be Thankful for

Social Media Marketing Tools, Tips, and Tricks to be Thankful for

There is a big, new, complex social world out there. Let’s look at the top social media marketing tools, tips, and tricks, and see what impact they can have on your business.

1. Linkedin is the new way to build business connections. There is now a system which works to link even those you have not met yet, but should.

2. Google Alerts are wonderful for finding up and coming news about your business or your field. Gone are the days when you have to spend hours surfing on the web.

3. The hashtag is a wonderful way to reach a large number of clients in the field. On Twitter and Facebook, a simple hashtag can help you change the landscape of who is talking about you.

4. The ease of becoming your own film producer helps you become the leading expert in your field thanks to YouTubeNow you can show your product​, how to create DIY projects or even more fun things like how your product makes a great subject for a music video.

5. A picture truly is worth a thousand wordsPininterest is like the apple pie you dream of for Thanksgiving without the calories you get from the crust. Simply enjoy the image.

6. Great deals like Groupon are like getting the extra roll at the end of dinner. These deals help you to reach a new client base and to raise business even in the most down weeks.

7. The ease of connecting on your social media is like ahving a turntable on your dining table. Everyone can easily reach what they want and everything is still in one common spot in the middle.

8. Making your site more compatible with someone’s phone is like the goodie bag at the end of the meal. Good pages will make your brand more user friendly across the Android and iPhone markets. When people can enjoy you in little bits, they may be more likely to return to your page!

9. Podcasts give you the ability to speak to many customers at once. Just as a conference call is great for talking with multiple managers, podcasts give you the ability to talk with multiple customers.
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