How to Sell with Social Media

How to Sell with Social Media

There have been a lot of buzz about “social selling” going around. Social media has opened up brand new way of communication. As marketers call 2014 the year of “social acceptance”, social media users are becoming online socializers. Therefore, it is well encouraged that high performing sales professionals engage more in social media.

Social media is a perfect way to research for target markets. By listening to what people talk about online, sales people can keep up with what’s going on in the industry, customers and competition. Besides, social media is a useful tool to follow up on the offline activities, such as conference, workshops, trade shows, seminars, and networking meetings. It is well acknowledged that if you want to engage with someone, you need to hang out where they are.  While the majority of customers present themselves online, there’s no reason that the sales team does not use this channel to maximize their impact.

Amy Hall provided three rules on successful social media selling on SocialMediaToday.

1.Add more value.

People use social media mainly to keep in touch with friends, acquaintances and family and also to seek information. No one is willing to be reached solely for sales purpose. Be human and add some valuable information will help you to engage better.

2.Build relationships.

Social media is a platform to build and nurture relationships. The best way to realize that is to do what your customers do, which is, to become a part of your social media niche. The merit of social media is that you can participate in conversations that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

3.Listen, listen and listen.

It is not uncommon that we sometimes talk more than we listen. Your work begins with proactive listening. Stay aware with what is happening around you, and this will give you a competitive edge in social selling.

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