Efficient SMM – Some Dos, the Don’ts and the Maybes

Efficient SMM – Some Dos, the Don’ts and the Maybes

Social media marketing (or SMM) has been around for a while and many entrepreneurs have recognized its enormous potential and incredible utility. However, it’s not enough to simply create a proper profile in a social media network and then wait for it to do all the heavy lifting. If you want efficient SMM, then you have to work for it, at least until it starts working for you, but even then proper maintenance is paramount.

Let’s begin with the do’s. First, you do need to realize that it’s not all about quantity. It doesn’t matter how many people see your product or service (unless your product or service is a video or something of the sort) – in order to become your clients, those people need to take action. This would be much more effective if you choose a platform that actually interests your target audience. You can try using Facebook for every business (many people will definitely take notice) but as long as they’re not interested in your products, you stand a much better chance in a smaller, more concentrated social environment. Know your niche and plan ahead.

Also, be sure to engage with your clients. Client feedback is insanely important for an emerging business (it’s also important for big businesses, but they don’t know it yet). Answer questions and show interest in your clients. Don’t forget that communication is important – otherwise you seem like a soulless business.

Dn’t forget that this is a process. It’s not as simple as creating a profile and then just leaving it there in the background. Even if it’s an excellent profile, it still won’t achieve anything on its own so don’t forget to be active.

Don’t engage in pointless discussions. Not only will they waste your time, but your image will suffer from it as well. Communication is good, as long as the topic you’re communicating makes sense.

If you’re not sure what to do, maybe you can benefit from utilizing professional services. Efficient SMM is not as simple as it seems so you might save more by hiring professionals, than trying and failing something multiple times.