3 Facts That May Help Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

3 Facts That May Help Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

There are a few facts about human nature that seem to be escaping the attention of most social media marketers. This doesn’t mean that their campaigns are not successful, but they could be even more so with a bit more attention to detail.

1. People Need to Conform

The Asch conformity experiment shows you the scope of people’s need to belong. If a person is willing to say something that’s obviously wrong just so they don’t stand out from the group, imagine the effect on something a bit more subjective and ambiguous as a product’s merits. When making a decision about whether or not they’re going to buy something, the opinions of their peers matter much more than what your commercial has to say. That’s why it’s always important to engage with a community via the social media – so you can show each member of said community how many others just like them there are. This will help you build brand loyalty and will increase client recommendations which will boost your sales.

2. 7 Seconds of Short Term Memory

That’s it – 7 seconds is the scope of our short term memory. This doesn’t mean that this is our attention span, or that 7 seconds is all we can remember, but it does mean that if something doesn’t catch your attention within 7 seconds, you will completely forget about it. In the age where we are constantly bombarded with information, you have no more than 7 seconds to make a good impression so people will keep watching/reading/listening to what you have to say. Otherwise they will just strike you from their memory. This is especially true for social media where people are blasted with all sorts of notifications.

3. People Like Random Facts

As long as they’re interesting facts they are always welcome, even if they’re useless. Information given in small portions and packages like fascinating facts (or even fun factoids) is easy to remember and provides entertainment value. If you want to introduce your clients to your new products, you can use this technique – it’s very effective.