To SEO or not to SEO: That is the Question!

To SEO or not to SEO: That is the Question!

To SEO or not to SEO: that is the question! Is it better to spend countless hours and thousands of dollars creating an elaborate illusion of worth to fool the behemoth that is Google into thinking that your content is actually good? Or should you take the high road and simply give it your best and create content people would actually want to read? The answer is pretty obvious – both.


The concept of SEO was born in the minds of people who were adept at gaming the system. The idea is simple – learn your opponent’s weakness and exploit it. It’s what’s been driving human warfare for thousands of years and, sadly, in the beginning that’s what SEO was – cesspool of deceitful means and word games that ultimately held no value to the reader. It was a selfish endeavor from companies to make people buy their products and nothing more. Of course, this is not the case anymore. Black hat SEO is all but dead. No one (who knows what he’s doing) writes for the bots anymore. The idea is to produce high quality content and follow Google’s webmaster’s guidelines.

Not to SEO

This doesn’t mean that unoptimized sites cannot be found naturally on the web. There are many web pages that reach the top of the search results by simply providing excellent content and being universally liked by people. This means that there are not only lots of visits on their sites, but also lots of social media sharing. However, the fact that something is possible doesn’t make it viable. Sure, your website might become big even if you don’t optimize it, but SEO improves the changes of that happening. Great content should not exclude SEO – it should use it. So, to answer the question – “To SEO, but do it properly because Google doesn’t forget or forgive… right away.”

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