3 SEO Myths That Are Totally False

3 SEO Myths That Are Totally False

People seem to love myths. Maybe that’s the reason there are so many urban legends and scientific misconceptions floating around. Sadly, the field of SEO is not immune, and in most cases it doesn’t take much for a myth to emerge. Here are three relatively popular SEO myths and why they’re totally false.

Myth 1: Keywords are Irrelevant

Ever since the emergence of Hummingbird, this myth has been spreading rampantly through the Internet like a bad case of the flu. Because more and more people are using their mobile devices to search, vocal search gained more traction, which is why Google introduced Hummingbird to improve those queries.

However, this doesn’t mean that keyword search is dead. It simply means that you have to up the ante and instead of focusing on specific words and phrases repeated again and again throughout your content, you should think in longer search terms, with more synonyms and substitutes.

Myth 2: Longer is Always Better

The longer the post, the better the result. This has to be self-explanatory, right? You should give your readers more content because they want the most details from the biggest authority. Otherwise they probably won’t like or share, which will hurt your results.

While that may be partially true, it doesn’t tell the whole story in SEO terms. It’s not the size that matters, it’s the content. You can have a 300-word blog post about something and explain it better than a 3000-word report. In this case, people will like the 300 words more, because it gives the same information as the report, only ten times faster. Don’t think in terms of quantity, think in terms of quality.

Myth 3: Once you’re at the Top, It’s Mission Accomplished!

This is our favorite myth! It’s a cute idea, but it’s so far from the truth that it’s not even in the same universe. Not only are you not safe once you get to the top, but you actually have a lot more to lose. Even big companies are not immune. SEO is an ongoing process – there is no end goal.

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