Integrating Twitter Into Your Marketing Strategy

Integrating Twitter Into Your Marketing Strategy

Integrating Twitter Into Your Marketing Strategy


Reaching a Larger Audience Through Social Media

In today’s digital world, one of the quickest ways for a company to reach a large audience is through a social media marketing campaign. Out of all of the various social media sites available, Twitter is one of the most popular among companies because of its easy format and use. Although companies do not have full control over their viewers and the content that appears on their news feeds, they have options to create promotional tweets in order to reach more users. With these promotions, companies can specify a target audience in order to reach a certain demographic of users. Although companies have limits on who sees their posts, press is press – the more exposure a company can get through social media, whether its good or bad, will ultimately increase the engagement of its audience.

How Negative Attention Can Actually Be Positive

Despite what it logically implies, bad press can actually help companies grow their user base. Negative comments on Twitter can push tweets to more people’s twitter feeds, thusly increasing company or brand exposure. Although Twitter is usually the main curator of a user’s feed content, comments from other users on the company’s page can also serve to bring their tweets to more users’ feeds. However, in order to most effectively manage their overall online presence, companies need to respond to user feedback and criticism and implement strategies to fix any issues brought up. While companies may view negative comments as a bad thing, overall they are helping to optimize a company’s social media presence. Tweets allow viewers to voice their opinions and complaints; although companies don’t always want to hear this, it is important to take user feedback into consideration when working to grow brand recognition.For example, people usually remember controversial social media posts or comments more than those that align with their views or preferences.

How NXTFactor Can Help

Standing out and being remembered are hugely important when working to distinguish a dedicated user base, and NXTFactor can help by implementing social media marketing campaigns for companies and creating action plans to resolve the negative feedback through social media.

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