SEO: Search Engine Over-optimization

SEO: Search Engine Over-optimization

SEO: Search Engine Over-optimization

When it comes to SEO, people sometimes tend to get carried away. If having several keywords in your

article makes it perform well, then doesn’t it make sense that having more would be better? And also it

is search engines that help users find your pages on the web, so wouldn’t it make more sense to

optimize for them instead of the users? The answer to both questions is no.


Over-optimization can be one of the biggest problems when it comes to results. You want to get good

results fast, but this is not how it works. Not at all. SEO is about doing things for the long run, not

sprinting in the first few yards and calling it a day. Yes, you may get some quick results with one of these

schemes for a little while, but in the end of the day you will be blown out of the water in a month or two

when the next Google update comes or when your competition starts reaping the profits from good

work and patience.


What is over-optimization? Everything that has been done specifically to please search engines that

wouldn’t make sense to a normal user. This includes keyword stuffing, writing specifically for search

engines, and even putting up content on your website without having anything of use to say (just so you

can post something and simulate activity). Simulation would be the word, yes. If your activity is more

simulated than actual, then you have a problem and you need to rethink your priorities. Always write for

people first and then add the things for the search engines (but don’t overdo it).


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