3 Tips to Build a Killer Website

3 Tips to Build a Killer Website

Website building can be tough, and if done incorrectly will not only look bad, but also drive away customers simply for being too basic or complex.

You should treat your website like how you’d treat your store-front. When customers walk in, you’d want them to be greeted into a nice place.  And, when it comes to your website’s home page, the same concept applies! Keeping these 3 simple tips in mind while building up your website will help transform your website in a glowing department store.

1. Know Your Competition

Just like a physical store, you don’t want to be the “ugly” one on the block. Research your competitors’ websites to understand how they set the stage. You want to look for convenience, colors, and placement. Focusing on those details will capture your customers’ attention.

2. Don’t Try To Please Everyone.

After you’ve created a draft of your website, you may ask partners, family, and friends for their opinions. They may tell you to change colors, fonts, etc; however, don’t make changes after you’ve gathered an “average” opinion – this will help you better understand your customers’ taste and possibly make you aware of your mistakes.

3. Don’t Waste All Your Money.

It’s easier to spend money than it is to save it. The simpler the website, the less money you’ll spend. Do you need 7 categories with 3 products listed in each one? No! That’ll cost the web-designer time, which will cost you money.

Website building is tough. At the end of your day, you’re building a store for your customers, and understanding these tips will create an edge over your competitors. NXTFactor specializes in website design helping hundreds of businesses around the globe surpass their sales goals; and, if you’re in need of a sleek, simple website design, our services will help you and your brand too.


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