Simple SEO Fixes for Any Website

Simple SEO Fixes for Any Website

2017 is approaching quickly, and it’s necessary to be ahead of the game when it comes to getting better results from both the search engines and from the traffic you’ve been provided. So here is a short list of ways to improve the SEO for your website.

Figure out what industry you want to be linked to.

Brands generally have a basic description that involves a major keyword. Whether you’re a graphic design company, marketing firm or even a fashion designer, your iconic keyword should be known. Apart from featuring the word in meta tags and descriptions, use this word to place it in your site’s main hero image, and alternative text, title text, and image filenames.

Placing your keyword throughout the site is beneficial, because not only does it help with branding, but links premium editorial links straight to your site.

Importance of analytical tools and integrations.

Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics are two necessary tools to have installed on any site. Many of Google Webmasters Tools’ are free and can help you analyze your site in the finest way. Another important tool is Google Analytics. This powerful free program allows you to generate a quick and simple Organic Search Traffic report, which can quickly show you any signs of growth or decline in your traffic. (Tip: You can utilize the Organic Keywords report from prior dates to show conversions from the overall organic search, and then utilize the Search Queries report to decipher which keywords were most liable to drive a customer request.)

Every connection you make matters.

Reach out to multiple agencies and request for them to link your post to their site. It comes down to picking the right publication and giving them a fantastic piece of content to promote yourself to their audience: this is called backlinking, and it helps increase SEO tremendously. 

With the new year approaching, achieve better results by following the those 3 above tips.

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