Increase Success by Writing

Increase Success by Writing

Email marketing is used to communicate important messages, promotions, tips, and updates directly to current and potential customers. Email marketing is still a viable tool to use in order to connect with audiences, which explains why it’s still a popular marketing tool.
Despite the popularity of social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, there is a higher percentage of people responding back to emails than there is user engagement. Email marketing allows users to send personalized messages in real-time which saves a business both time and effort. There are a variety of email marketing tools available to use that will provide various options and tools that most businesses find useful like MailChimp, AWeber, Campaigner, and iContact.

Here are a few tips on how to optimize common email marketing campaigns.

Tip #1: You must have a clear understanding of the audience. You should know their age, gender, income, level of education, marital status, lifestyle, activities, interests, attitudes, and beliefs. Knowing these key details about the customer will allow you to create a successful campaign.

Tip #2: Based on the country, “spam” laws may differ, nevertheless, it is still the business’s responsibility to adhere to these laws. The basis of these laws require that each email:

• Have an unsubscribe link that is easily accessible
• If a customer unsubscribes, do not email them again
• The physical business address must be included
• ONLY send to address that have elected to receive the emailed newsletters.

Tip #3: Before you begin creating the campaign, think about the objectives. What is the purpose of the email newsletter? Are you promoting an event/product, educating users, or simply sending an update on your services? Having clear intentions will help for having a more effective campaign.

The majority of the mailing applications offer ways to keep track of the metrics of every campaign. Consider tracking open rate, click through, conversion rate, and deliverability. Newsletters should cater towards audience’s interests. In the beginning, it may feel a bit like trial and error but once a developed email is successful, it will convert the audience into customers.

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