Implementing Texting into your Marketing Strategy | NXTFactor

Implementing Texting into your Marketing Strategy | NXTFactor

Implementing Texting into your marketing strategy will be a big game changer for your business. Every business has one big goal, and it is to maximize profit and a text campaign will help you take a step closer to that goal.


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As shown in this image, people open text messages more than other communication means.


Mass Text

SMS stands for short message service and also most commonly referred to as text message has been an universal way of communication other than using other social media messaging such as facebook messenger, Instagram direct message, and etc. Mass communication has been the most effective way in attracting a large pool of people, a great way to do that is a text campaign. Text campaign allows a group, a organization, a team, or a business to send a mass text to their targeted audience individually.



Like social media posting not everyone will pay a lot of attention to people’s post but with a text campaign we select certain words that will appeal to the customers so they will Opt-in. When someone Opt-in they are allowing us to send them text about your deals or upcoming events.


Keep it short and sweet

Your text message should be simple and straight to the point. The general rule for a text campaign is to have 160 characters so there’s no room for unnecessary words. The faster you get to the meat of your message, the better. No one would want to read a lengthy text from someone they don’t know, that’s time consuming and they will most likely not read it and delete the text message.


Keep it professional

Just like you should keep text message simple and straight to the point, you should also avoid slangs and abbreviations. There is a difference between “Today we have a deal for you. Save 20% on your next order!” and “2day we have a deal 4 u. Save 20% on ur next order!,” although you will save seven character on the second text, it is not professional and consumers will delete it if the text looks like a spam. Your text campaign can change the impression of your consumer, if your text looks like a spam it will give an impression that your business is not professional.


Offer something now

The point of a text campaign is to inform your customer about a sale, promotion, or an event. No one wants to receive a text from a company unless the message offers real time value. This gives your customer a little chase, they will more likely visit your store or website to check out your product with the promotion before it expires.


Here at NXTFactor we provide excellent service and we strive to go beyond satisfactory. Our social media and digital marketing team can help your business grow by researching and conducting several text with our team to see which text message will appeal the most to your customers. If you like to learn more about what we can offer, please visit our website.