Why is Social Media presence so important for businesses today?

Why is Social Media presence so important for businesses today?

The significance of social media presence for businesses is rapidly growing in this day and age. Our lives are surrounded by social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and everyday, there are more and more people starting to use social media platforms to share their lives and promote their businesses and this trend  has led to a huge growth in social media marketing.

In the past, most businesses only used traditional advertising methods for marketing; however, the growing population of social media users has boosted the demand for social media marketing.

Let’s now look into the reasons why social media presence is so important and beneficial for businesses today.


#1 Lower Cost

In comparison to traditional billboard advertising strategies, social media marketing has proven to be much less costly. What’s more, you’re allowed to engage on various social media channels for free before scaling with paid ads. You’re free to grow on your own, at your own pace.


#2 Easy to Target ideal audience

Unlike the blinded shotgun style marketing that we used to apply, social media marketing allows you to reach your target audience instantly! This not only saves you time, but also increase your conversions and ultimately get a higher return on investment.


#3 Easy interactions with customers

Social media is accessible to individuals all around the globe and unlike the traditional advertisements that is both expensive and ineffective, social media marketing also gives the business/brand a chance to interact with the customers. This not only offers an opportunity to brands that would like to build a more complete image of themselves, but also gives the customers a chance to speak their mind which would lead to more exposure for the business/brand itself.


#4 Potential Business Collaborations

Social media platforms also allow businesses/brands to collaborate easily. It has been known that one of the best ways to grow as a small business is to collaborate with others that have similar interests and goals. Business collaborations often lead to more exposures for both sides and more and more brands such as Casper and Nike have started to utilize their this strategy to collaborate and present on their social media pages.


At NXT Factor, we are determined to help our clients build a strong social media presence at an affordable price. Social media is a crucial part of business marketing, but it doesn’t have to be stressful to manage with the help from our team! Take the first step, reach out to us, set up a meeting, and we will take it from there!