How Restaurants Can Survive Coronavirus

How Restaurants Can Survive Coronavirus

The markets are down; reports of quarantines litter the news; grocery shelves are empty; nervous energy buzzes in the air. With the collective worry in the United States swelling as case after case of coronavirus is reported, business owners can’t help but wonder how they can continue profiting and capturing market share during a time in which many are afraid to leave the house. At a time of such unease, is it worthwhile to continue working on a marketing or PR campaign and interacting with customers?

The short answer: yes. The long answer: yes, absolutely.

A business does not have to be a nameless, faceless, entity. In fact, under no circumstances should a business be the aforementioned. Details like a company’s brand, mission statement, and social media presence all serve to create an image – or “personality,” if you will – for that company. How the company responds in the face of a crisis, however, makes the biggest impact on that image. 

Though times right now are bleak, the message to customers does not have to be. Rather than promoting a mindset of giving up and letting the pandemic run its course, business owners can and should work on creative solutions to problems posed by coronavirus. 

At the moment, one of the main concerns throughout the country is stopping the rapid spread of the disease. Restaurants can use their standing to promote precautionary measures during this time. At NXT Factor, for example, we are encouraging our restaurant clients to:

  1. Work with third-party delivery apps to limit the degree of face-to-face interaction and mass gathering;
  2. Offer discounts for take-out and delivery options;
  3. Provide by-products (like frozen products and ready-to-cook sauces) for sale to offset the decline. 
Go Stir Fry delivery ad for coronavirus.

Another coronavirus-bred concern for businesses is the general unease customers feel about going to places where they could potentially be infected. As a result, customers may be reluctant to give their business to companies that do not maintain the utmost hygienic standards out of concern for their own well-being. To combat this, we will urge our clients to:

  1. Maintain their social media presence;
  2. Continue customer outreach campaigns;
  3. Discuss the measures their business is taking to promote containment;
  4. Place a heavy emphasis on the promotion of hygienic and preventative measures.

Do not give up on outreach and communication with your client base, because this is the moment that it needs you the most. You are the leaders of both your respective companies and your communities, and the people around you look to you for guidance. And most importantly, from all of us at NXT Factor, please continue to support one another and help your neighbor while the world grapples with this difficult time and recovers from it.

Saving your business through the virus is overwhelming and frustrating, but NXT Factor has a proven track record of helping our clients out of crisis and declines. If you have more questions on what we can help with your business, call us at 844-NXT-IDEA or email us at for more customized solutions.