3 Important SEO Lessons you need to Learn Right now

SEO is the bane of existence for many businesses. You need to constantly be on the cutting edge if you want to compete, but being on the cutting edge is difficult if you’re not a professional. However, there are still a few lessons that can give you a bit of an advantage if you manage to learn them in time and incorporate them right away.


Black Hat is for Losers


Seriously, black hat tactics are so five years ago. Right now black hat is all but dead and the only thing keeping it on life support are the gullible business owners who believes claims of top ranks within days and link building that doesn’t cost almost anything. The allure of black hat SEO is in the fact that it’s cheap and promises fast results, but SEO is a field with no guarantees for success. However, what we can guarantee is that once you get caught, and you will get caught, you will be so penalized that you will be lucky if someone who is not a referral ever visits your site.

The lesson: stop it!


Focus on Good Content, Not Keywords


Keywords used to be the boss… Until Hummingbird arrived in 2013 and changed things, although apparently many people have not gotten the memo. Google is now much smarter and deduces what people are actually looking for not simply based on keywords, but possible intentions and other factors.

The lesson: don’t focus on keywords; focus on great content.


Pay Attention to Links


The fact that you’ve managed to get some high quality links is admirable, but the fact of the matter is that it’s not possible to be sure if they will keep being quality links. Things constantly change and you need to be on top of that change.

The lesson: Always pay attention, check and recheck your links.


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