3 SEO Challenges you’ll Inevitably Face this year

SEO is changing so fast that most people can’t possibly keep up. That’s why there are those who are stuck trying strategies from three years ago that haven’t been effective since 2011. The truth is that unless you’re a professional, SEO really is hard to keep up with because at the end of the day there is probably a change you will notice if you’re really, really interested. That’s why the service is getting ever more expensive – it’s getting harder to do our jobs (not that we’re complaining, but it’s the truth; proper work requires a lot more studying and research than ever before). Because of this, there will be certain challenges people will be facing this year and they will not like the results.




Keywords are still somewhat relevant for SEO, but not how they used to be back in the day. The fact of the matter is that today they’re used in certain places to let Google know what your page is all about, rather than to be directly linked to a quarry. So don’t focus on keywords that much. This will be a challenge, because many still have the “keywords mentality”.


Semantic Search


This is basically what overtook the keyword search back in 2013 with Hummingbird. Since so many people are using mobile devices to browse the web, Google decided to make it easier for them and transitioned more into an organic, semantic search algorithms (you know, using the way people talk for search because in most cases they use the voice interface). This means that your content has to be more organic and tailored to that market.


Mobile SEO


Seriously, Google make a major rework of their algorithm to fit mobile because so many people are using, and you don’t think that you should adapt to this new model? Yes, why should you? It’s “only” half the population that accesses the Internet through mobile devices… Mobile is important, to put it plainly, so start optimizing.


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