3 SEO Fails People Keep Making
mistake concepts, with oops message on keyboard.

SEO fails are among the most ironic fails there are because in their core, in most cases, they are supposed to work in a certain way, or they used to work in a certain way, but right now do quite the opposite. For example, keyword stuffing used to pretty efficient in getting your site out there and fooling Google that you’re worth something. Now it’s the surest way to get you penalized. The more people try to game the system, the more Google will push back and ensure that these people get what they deserve (which is, you know, penalties). Here’s three of the most common fails nowadays.


1. Link spamming


This falls into the “used to work but no longer does” category. It used to be a pretty effective way to raise the authority of your site without doing any actual work. There was even automated software that was getting things done instead but those times are long gone. Today this is one of the biggest SEO fails out there simply because ever since Penguin emerged, Google has kept a close eye on links. But if you think it’s working, keep doing what you’re doing.

2. Over-optimization


There is such a thing as “too much optimization”. It’s right there with “oh my god, I can’t read this text because it wasn’t written for humans”. Back in the day people used to write the content for the bots. No one cared about tone or other rank-damaging factors like readability or trustworthiness. But hey, guess what – those times are gone. Google will now go after you for doing stuff like this. With a Panda.


3. Only adding one type of content


It may not seem so for most people, but the truth is that variety is important. Posting the same type of content again and again will get you nowhere.


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