3 SEO Methods that are too old to keep working

Sometimes in the SEO field, people are late for the show. Like, really late. So late that they use methods and tactics that haven’t worked for years. Still, we like to set such misguided on the right path and we try everything in our power to light the way to success. This doesn’t always work, because sometimes people are stubborn and don’t want to see the error in their ways, but we keep going either way. Here’s three SEO methods that are too old to keep working.

1. Going for single keywords

Single keywords haven’t been too relevant in a while. This doesn’t mean that they are completely irrelevant, but it does mean that focusing only on them will not get you far. Back in the day most people were going for this in order to get as much traffic as possible, but today they bring neither traffic, nor conversions. Single keywords give you lots of competition and since they lack specificity, the little traffic they do manage to drive (or should we say if) is completely irrelevant and completely useless. That’s why you should focus on producing high quality content with long-tail keywords.


2. Guest blogging on low-quality or non-relevant sites

Guest blogging is a fine example of “you scratch my back, I scratch yours” in the online world. You write content for someone, so they get free content, and in return they get you a link to your site, so you can get some better ranking. The only problem is that this practice is dead for all intents and purposes of SEO. This doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be done when it’s relevant, but it no longer helps your SEO cause.


3. Submitting a website for indexing

What is this? The Stone Age? Google does a fine job of finding new content on the Internet, so if your site hasn’t been indexed, you have bigger problems than SEO. Either way, this does nothing for you optimization-wise.


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