3 things most people underestimate when it comes to SEO
Hipster Writing SEO Concepts on his Note

The SEO industry has been around for a while now, but it has been misunderstood by most people (even working professionals), which is why it should come as no surprise that there are many factors that keep being underestimated. Some of these factors aren’t the typical concepts you talk about when you think of SEO, but that doesn’t mean they are not relevant. On the contrary – they are quite relevant and, in fact, are getting even more so. We’re talking about things like website loading speed (especially mobile), using social media, and generating proper content.

Loading speed

Loading speed has always been the thorn in many website owners’ backside. The fact of the matter is that loading speed is important, but it is often overlooked in favor of other factors, such as aesthetics and flashy designs that make the website heavy and increase loading times. Some research suggests that most responsive design web pages are not fast enough for mobile use. Believe it or not, this affects your SEO, so take it into account.

Social media

We’ve talked about this relationship many times on our site. In short, the idea is that the more social media presence you have, the better you can enhance the position of your website. Social media presence gives you more organic traffic and allows people to talk about your site. However, in order for that to happen, you need to have…

Good content

Write something pointless but with the right keywords and you get results; at least that’s how it used to be back in the day. Now, in order to get results you need to generate proper content. Good content is the key to people actually to and staying on your site.

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