3 Tips on Improving SEO

3 Tips on Improving SEO

SEO is getting harder by the minute, and the competitions is insane. All of this leads us to the conclusion that we should always aim at improving, no matter how well things seem now. You never know when the next big update will be released, or next time something will throw you off balance. That’s why it’s important to be consistent and to improve as much as possible in every area. Stagnation is the enemy of SEO.  That being said, SEO has followed a pretty strict formula that doesn’t change, no matter how everything else does.

High-quality links

What is true today was true five years ago, as well – good, high-quality improve ranking. Yes, you can no longer use automate software and other black-hat tactics in link-building, but the overall concept is still the same. Make sure that you only include high-quality links in your website, and do what you can get to high-quality links to your website. In order to that, you have to produce high-quality, useful content, and slowly become an authority in your field people recognize. This will not happen in a day, but it will never happen unless you start working toward it.


It’s very important to be consistent. If you’re not, you will not only confuse your readers, but also the bots. Is your site about cars, quantum mechanics, or psychology? If it’s about the first, it should not feature the other two, unless it’s somehow relevant. This is very important. If you want to write about all three topics, it’s much better create three separate websites, than stuff it all in one.

Loading Time

High loading times hurt you in more than one way. They not only ruin user experience, which may cause some potential customers to close it before it loads and never come back, but it also makes it harder for the spiders to go through your page. This will definitely result in lower rankings. NXTFactor can help you with that by providing excellent SEO services. We’ve been in the field for long enough to know what your site needs for the best results.