Club Vision

Club Vision

We solve the ‘how to produce a great live stream‘ problem by automating all aspects of production.

Fully automated broadcasting.

We invest and install multiple fixed HD cameras that can be preset to zoom in for a close-up of the DJ’s turntable, pan out to catch the action high above the dance floor, and then switch cameras to watch the paid dancers on the go-go loft — delivering a TV-quality experience without the manned production costs.

It is the audio stupid.

To stream pristine audio fit for surround sound we install a hardware limiter to prevent any distortion from the mixer deck as DJs will often overdrive the signal in reaction to the crowds’s energy. Next we apply compression techniques to the digital signal to keep that deep speaker-thumping bass, while also amplifying all the musical detail in the lows.

Finally, we solve the problem of how to make money streaming live music events with new advertising technology that keeps the show intact.


How We Monetize:

We can stream free HD content to viewers because we have the tools to monetize across devices. Our technology can encode multiple streams simultaneously while injecting video overlay ads in timed intervals without disrupting the audio or underlying video stream. Viewers will never feel they are “leaving the performance.” Advertisers pay per ad impression and it’s how we make money.

Labels & Venues:

In addition to getting a cut of the advertising revenue, venues can sell in-screen ad messages to their liquor suppliers. Record labels can subsidize the cost of manned video production by selling ad placements to major brand sponsors. The revenue they make is theirs to keep.

Corporate Social Responsibility:Think about finding a taxi or hotel on the same app you used to find the party. The app becomes a tool to drink responsibly, and a vehicle for major liquor brands to promote social responsibility.
April 30, 2014