Dyslexia Online

Dyslexia Online

When you’ve treated over 35,000 patients, you have to be certain that the website you display online as well as your marketing efforts match the extensive experience you possess. The Harold Levinson Medical Center for Dyslexia or LD is highly unique. They are capable of medically diagnosing the cause of dyslexia or LD and related inner-ear/cerebellar disorders in almost 100% of examined children and adults.

The diagnostic tests performed include both neurophysiological and neuropsychological examinations. The results guide our highly successful medical and non-medical therapeutic recommendations.

They utilize simple, safe and side-effect-free combinations of inner-ear-enhancing medications which enable them to obtain a 75–85% improvement rate, a result almost independent of age. And when non-medical therapies are added, just about 100% of patients benefit.

Importantly, by screening and medically treating young preschool children with speech, balance/coordination and related inner-ear/cerebellar disorders of developmental origin, it is possible to prevent these children from later developing the academic symptoms characterizing dyslexia

November 27, 2013