An SEO secret most companies don’t want you to know

The fact of the matter is that most SEO companies are not very transparent with their clients. And clients don’t bother to ask about things because they think that the professionals at their company know what they’re doing. This way a vicious circle is created, where bad content gets generated and there is no one to get rid of it since it gets approved by people who think “this is the way it’s supposed to be”. What we’re talking about is badly written, barely readable content that has only been generated (it is not a coincidence we’re using this word) for SEO purposes. Many companies create such content and it gets published on their clients’ websites because they naturally assume the company they’re paying to do their optimization is well aware of how things are supposed to run. This is often not the case, though. In fact, in most cases companies are still using old and outdated techniques that are no longer viable, so it’s entirely possible that they do more harm than good.

Gone are the days when we used to write for Google. The algorithms have gotten smarter and now they know what people are actually looking for and what they expect to find on a web page. It’s no longer just about keywords and stuffing content with superfluous links nobody cares about. These days content has to be written for people, not bots. And this is what we’ve told you before, and what many other companies don’t want you to know. Writing for the bots is no longer useful or viable.

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