“Attention, Please!” The Importance of Genuine Interest in SEO

The days when SEO used to be a fairly complicated, technical field only for the initiated are over. Now, SEO is a fairly complicated field, which aside from technical expertise now requires understanding of how people think and how they should be engaged. It’s a truly interesting field that requires you to be creative and not simply try the same thing over and over until it works.

Creating content that generates genuine user interest is really difficult to accomplish. There is a myriad of things to be considered, and even then there is no guarantee that people will like it (we’re talking about the majority of the people, of course – there is always someone who won’t like it so you can’t appease everyone). Nonetheless, this is what you’re supposed to do if you wish to have a chance against your competition.

Inspiring genuine interest is important for SEO due to the increase of the importance of social media links activity. Social media weren’t taken that seriously a few years ago but things change. To Google, if your website gets shared on social media, which means that users find something there that’s worth it – a reason enough to increase your rank.

The process may be complicated, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. An important thing is to simply drop all rules and limitations and write in the most interesting and original way possible. No sterile content can ever reach the top. People don’t like sterile – they want funny, engaging, and informative. Writing something just because you need to have an upload on your website doesn’t help your SEO endeavor one bit.

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