How Can Video Content Help SEO

Videos are awesome. Maybe a part of what makes them awesome is the fact that they have not been around for very long. The first “films” were introduced a little more than a hundred years ago, but we’ve had video sites like YouTube only for the past ten. YouTube essentially made watching videos on the Internet into the industry it is today. People are making money out of making videos with their home cameras and we are all entertained by what they produce. Bloggers and reviewers can share their opinions and we’re interested in hearing them. Videos have become a big part of our lives.


How does this help you with SEO, though? It’s simple – if you have video content on your website, people stick around for longer assuming that the content is actually any good, of course. Then again, if it’s not, no amount of SEO will help you. But let’s say it is good. Thus people stick around for longer. What does this indicate to Google? It indicates that there is something on your site that’s worth it and is peeking people’s interest, which is why they have to rank it higher.


Another thing is that people are much more willing to share a video than plain text. If all your pages are just text, that may be a turn-off to the person of the 21st century who is used to constantly being bombarded by different stimuli. If your pages get shared, this is another indicator to Google that your site is worth something, hence you will be rated higher. All in all, the days of writing content with certain keywords are over. Instead, now you have to offer value to your visitors and make sure that they have a good time.

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