Does Creativity Matter in SEO?

Does Creativity Matter in SEO?

Does creativity matter in SEO? From the point of view of time, you could say that it doesn’t? Things used to be a lot simpler in the past. You stuff your article with keywords, buy links or generate them with automated software and you’re game. However, things no longer work like that, so yes – creativity is important nowadays.

One of the factors that make creativity important for SEO is the fact that social media has gained influence over rank. This means that the more your content gets shared online, the more likely it is that your ranking will be increased because of that. And for that your content needs to be creative. Notice that creative doesn’t always mean convoluted. Take a look at Shia LaBeouf’s “Just do it” motivational video. The thing is an ordinary representation of the actor making weird faces complemented with even stranger gestures, while talking like a complete psychopath and trying to motivate you into fulfilling your dreams. It’s literally nothing special. However, it was shot in front of a green screen, and you know what that means. When the Internet was done with it, everybody knew about it and there were so many hilarious variations to choose from that you could literally waste hours on end simply watching.

Now imagine you had created such a video and posted it on your site. How many views would it get? A million? Two millions? More? The potential is there. You just have to use it. Of course, it’s much easier for a video to go viral rather than a text, but even though the scale may be much smaller, you can still achieve it if you’re creative enough and carefully think about what you’re doing.

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