Don’t Forget About Mobile

User experience is, and always has been Google’s top priority. This is something we’ve begun to see full force in the last few years. Before that Google didn’t really have the means to deal with all the bad seeds that were making use of weaknesses in their system. However, now they do, and they will stop at nothing until they reach their goal – the ultimate user experience. Google is light years away from any competition. The fact that the verb we use for “using a search engine” is “google” is enough of an indication that this will be the case for a long time. However, Google don’t like to lie on their laurels, so if you don’t want to be left out of the game, you better start playing by their rules.

SEO has changed a lot over the past couple of years. With the arrival of Hummingbird, mobile got a lot more important, and it makes sense, too. Most people now use their phones or tablets to access the Internet. At this rate, it’s much more comfortable to tell your phone what you’re looking for that actually typing it on the computer. Mobile is the future, so if you want to be a part of that future, we suggest that you focus a bit more on it.

In order to ensure a great user experience, optimize your sites for mobile. It’s enough to use responsive web design, but you need to do it well. Loading times are also extremely important. When people are using mobile internet, their data transfer might be a bit slow, so if your site is sluggish by default, you can forget about getting any visits. When your bounce reaches the roof, then your SEO will plummet.

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