Is Social Media Worth it for SEO?

Is Social Media Worth it for SEO?

Most people are used to thinking about SEO and social media as these two perfectly different entities. One is a way to get more people to your site, whereas the other is a way to make your friends jealous of that incredible selfie you’ve made in the bathroom; or be envious of the fact that you’ve had a huge steak for dinner at the most expensive restaurant in town; or of your new shoes, or whatever you honestly believe people care about, whereas in fact they probably don’t even notice it. But we digress. The point is that they’re often viewed as separate, whereas in fact they are not entirely so.

You see, the thing is the more links you get from social media, the better. This tells Google that your content is worth reading and that it’s worth sharing. This means that more people should be able to view it, hence they should increase your rank.

This works very well in theory, but putting into practice is a little bit trickier. In the very least, you need to know what exactly your readership enjoys and what they would share, because not every piece of content gets shared. It should provide actual insight, meaning that in the very least it should explore a problem people are interested in and want to solve. It should also have something to do with your niche, otherwise you can’t have any authority. We mean no offense, but a carpet cleaning company giving out quantum mechanics lectures doesn’t seem all that trustworthy, don’t you think? Not that it’s impossible for them to give you good posts on quantum mechanics (although it’s highly unlikely), but they would have a lot more authority talking about carpet cleaning.

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