It’s All In The Quality

It’s All In The Quality

Let talk quality
and how it effect your ad investment. Ads and landing pages with a clean design, good user experience (UX), relevant content and transparency (telling the user how your company uses their information) will have visitors interacting with your content in no time. Before we being with your ad we have to look at your landing page. Does your landing page have a design a visitor can easily navigate? Navigations should be simple, clear and few, you want visitors one click away from buying or using your product. Make sure your content on the landing page is relevant to the product. Designing a landing page gives you the opportunity to emphasis why your product is so great and what the visitor has to gain by using your product. Do not overload a landing page with text, cut to the chase and pinpoint the value with headlines and short descriptions. Make sure you stylize the text appropriately, boring text will cause visitors to close out your landing page. This in turn gives you a bounce rate, which effects your ad quality. To finish off with a human touch you can have a chat window on your landing page, giving the visitor personalized service.

Your not complete just yet, you need to think about your ad quality as well. How well does your ad explain your product in a limited space, the ad content has to be relevant to the product. Think back to the landing page when we mentioned headlines and short paragraphs, limit your text and in a short sentence pinpoint the value of your product. Have a keyword within a sentence in the ad, the same keywords you will use for your ads to come up in the search engine. Remember best UI/UX techniques for your ad and if you want a text only format think about text styling. When you create a Call To Action (CTA) keep in mind what devices your ad will be displayed on. Visitor trust websites that are stable and stability comes from good design, relevant information, easy navigation and transparency. Your ad quality effects your ad rank and when you bid on ad space with good quality materials your more than likely to be in a search engine’s top ads.

Here at NXTFactor we have more advice for you on your ad campaigns. Our professional team includes a diverse group of web developers, online marketing experts, and digital strategists working collaboratively to satisfy our customers in every way we possibly can but we do not stop there; check out our services to learn how we can help you.