Is Doing Keyword Research Still Viable?

Is Doing Keyword Research Still Viable?

Keyword research is one of the most complicated tasks in the art of SEO and even though keywords are not as relevant (or should we say straightforward?) as they used to be, this is still one of the more important elements of the optimization process. Despite the fact that Google doesn’t use keyword as directly as it used to do it before, they are still relevant and should by no means be underestimated. On the contrary, doing proper research is beneficial not just for optimization purposes, but for writing better and more convincing copy, as well as getting a general feel of what your audience actually needs. This way, keyword research is useful beyond its SEO roots.

The nature of keyword research is not singular, meaning there are multiple channels you can use to approach the subject. You can check general search engine tools and use the AdWords Keyword tool; you can check out forums; you can brainstorm; you can try other keyword generation tools and come up with a huge list of potential keyword ideas. Then you can get an overall feel of what people are looking for.

Another thing you can do is use co-occurrence.  There are some keywords that get searched in close succession and often co-occur. This would give you an idea of what additionally people are looking for. For example, if you’re selling laptops and most people are searching the terms “cheap laptops”, then you know that you should put emphasis on the price in your copy. Your laptops are not simply the best, but they are also sold at the most affordable prices. This may seem straightforward, but almost no one does, so go ahead and be creative.

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