Keywords Relevancy in 2015
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Keywords are all but dead in 2015 as the SEO scene is shifting from a more mechanical (as it was a few years back) to a more organic nature. The methods used are constantly evolving, but the core principles remain the same. Ultimately what search engines want to do is give their users the best possible content they’re looking for, and sadly that’s not always the one that repeat a keyword five times in one sentence. Of course, this wasn’t the case back in the day, either, but since keywords were the reigning ruler, people quickly started to abuse this technique in order to get more people to visit their websites.  Today this no longer works.


This doesn’t mean that keywords are totally dead, but they are no longer, by any stretch of the imagination the governing force behind your SEO success. Today they matter more in terms of placement than in quantity. Having them in your title and a few subheadings lets Google know what your page/site is all about. This allows Google to draw its conclusions and put you in a category. Oh, you didn’t know that Google can draw conclusions? Well, it’s far from being a self-aware AI like Skynet, but you can be sure that Google is far more sophisticated than you thought, and with the algorithms improving all the time, it’s becoming even more so. It’s not that easy to fool it anymore, so you shouldn’t even try because the penalties of failure are really not worth the try. In other words, keep using keywords in key places, but focus more on what your content is actually saying, rather than trying to stuff a text with keywords and having it make no sense.


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