SEO: Don’t Underestimate Social Media

The reason why you shouldn’t underestimate social media in SEO is the same reason why you shouldn’t underestimate social anywhere else – everybody’s using it. Social media has become an integral part of the World Tree of the Internet so it’s no surprise that it’s affecting SEO, as well. This is actually a pretty ingenious way search engine are using to evaluate whether people actually like your content and if it’s worth something or not. It’s getting a more and more popular factor in determining your website’s ranking, and it seems like, for now at least, this tendency is here to stay. After all, these days it’s not uncommon for people to exchange their full names and finding themselves on Facebook, rather than exchanging phone numbers.


When your content is good and gets shared by people, this means two things. One, there’s even more people who are going to share your content which means more people will see it. And two, because of all that sharing, search engines will get the idea that your content is good, because otherwise it wouldn’t be shared that much.


The idea behind all of this is to make sure that companies stop it with the whole idea that they should only optimize for the engines, but to encourage them to produce great content that people actually enjoy reading. After all, there is nothing good about a piece written with SEO in mind. This is not most people would enjoy reading, because honestly the whole thing is just pointless. Even the people who wrote it probably don’t care about it. By contrast, a well-thought and engaging article can go a long way toward getting your rank up in terms of SEO.


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