SEO: How Google Has Learned to Read Thoughts

SEO used to be pretty simple a while back. Well, OK, it wasn’t “pretty simple” but it wasn’t as complicated as it is now. That was because Google’s algorithms weren’t as complicated as they are now. Back then, all we counted on were keywords. If you wanted to let Google know that you want to buy a new computer, then you would type that in the search engine and you would get certain results related to the keywords you’ve typed. You would get almost no information outside of the scope of what you’ve typed.


This meant that the proper keywords could be the difference between landing lots of sales and having your site emptier than Google+ when it first launched. However, times have changed as Google has learned how to read thoughts. It’s not that keywords don’t play a role anymore, but in all honesty they are not as important as they used to be. Sure, they still let the bots know what your page is all about, but the way the results are now displayed is much more complicated. For example, if you type in the search field, “what was that song that everyone jokes about,” Google would automatically spill out “Darude – Sandstorm”, even if the keywords don’t directly correlate to the content linked. Google has gotten intelligent and has learned to understand the intent behind what we’re looking for, not simply showing us stuff related to keywords. This is why it’s crucial to give people a reason to visit your site other than keywords, and why you should definitely work on producing excellent content. Yes, it may require you to invest more, but this is the price to pay for good SEO nowadays.


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