SEO: Guest Blogging – A Great Tactic or an Honest Mistake?

Guest blogging has been around since… well, since there were blogs around. In the beginning it was pretty awesome. You would supply a blogger with high quality content, and in return they would supply you with links. You win because your own sites work better and receive more traffic, and they win because they get free content. However, like everything else, this beautiful idea was corrupted by those were not pure of heart. They completely shattered what it made it worthwhile and create a grotesque exaggeration of what was going on. No longer was the content relevant. No longer were the links good. Everything became so spammy so fast, that Google’s Matt Cutts had to come out and say that things aren’t looking good for guest blogging.


Now, is it still good in any way, shape, or form? Of course it is. If you’re guest blogging for an authority site and you provide high quality content for that site, and in return they give you links to yours, it’s nothing you should worry about. This is only the case if we’re talking about authority sites, however. Things are much different with lower quality sites.
If the site you’re writing the content for is not an authority, then this is some bad luck for you because ultimately there is nothing good that will come out of it. First of all, Penguin made sure that low quality, spammy links were punished. Second of all, even the links aren’t considered spam, you’re wasting your time with sites that bring little to nothing to the table. This is an honest mistake in the SEO field, but try not to make it. If you can get links for authority sites, that’s great. If you can’t, focus on something else but don’t bother with guest blogging.

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