SEO is Becoming More of an Art than a Science

SEO is Becoming More of an Art than a Science

Once upon a time, SEO was one of the sciences on the Internet. There were specific theories and formulas to get a site to rate well. Those were the times when automated links and refurbished content were a guarantee for success. However, one day the Sleeping Beauty woke, but instead of living happily ever after, she was outraged at how many princes had actually kissed her during her long years of slumber. Now she’s awake and alert, and doesn’t tolerate the same kind of behavior she did nothing about in the past.

We’re talking, of course, about Google. The company’s algorithms have evolved so much that calling them an artificial intelligence soon would not be far from the truth. All those cheap tricks, formulas, and tools that used to work back in the day are not tolerated anymore. Now, content needs to be catered toward people, not robots, and it’s very hard to avoid Google’s uncontainable wrath if you try to do otherwise.

Thus, SEO has become more of an art than a science, which is good news for everyone involved, aside from the people who spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on automated software. Whoops! People can actually enjoy what they read online once again. Google can be happy about providing users with relevant information, and of course SEO specialists who are actually good at what they do and don’t rely in gimmicks to get results can get clients once more.

The fact that there are less guarantees this way shouldn’t scare you. There are still principles at work, and those principles are very well proven. However, it’s no longer, “We need X number of keywords here, and X number of links there, and we’re good to go.” It’s more like, “We need to create interesting and compelling content for our readers, while also using the proper keywords without reducing the structural integrity of the text. It needs to be good enough to share, because that’s also a factor, and the topic of the content, as well as the website need to be immediately apparent to the bots.” Those are both oversimplications, of course, but this is how things work nowadays.

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