SEO: Micromanagement Kills Results

SEO is not a field where results come quickly. It’s a long-term investment that can potentially yield enormous returns in the years to come, but it’s a long-term one nonetheless. This is something we always try to explain properly to our clients because often when they don’t see results immediately, they begin to attempt to micromanage things and this is one of the worst things for both results and productivity because it opens the door for distrust, or for doing things that should not be done.


If you’ve hired an SEO company, you’ve probably done your research before that (if not, you should have). This means that you should know what results you can expect and when. Good companies will always let you know that results will be slow, but can always show you and explain to you what exactly it is that they have done in the past week or month since they started working for you. If you’ve chosen an SEO firm, then you’ve realized that the field is too complicated for you and either you don’t have the time, or the expertise, or both to handle it on your own. Don’t try to micromanage the people you’re paying in order to get results. They know what they’re doing better than you. Micromanaging will never bring anything good. After all, you’re not the professional in this relationship – they are. Your ambitions, greed, or misunderstood ideas may stand in the way of the progress of your site so just let it go and allow them to their job.


NXTFactor offers fantastic SEO tips, good articles, and excellent services. We specialize in proper content marketing strategies and produce results effectively. However, since in our field there are no guarantees, we’re not making any. We’re making a promise, though – to give it 100% for you and your business.