Why SEO Still Matters

There are those business owners who don’t think that SEO matters anymore. They worked with an SEO team or a company, got good results and thought to themselves, “Alright, now all that’s left is to reap the profits until the end of time. Sweet!” Of course, these people are well on their way to becoming painfully aware that SEO is a process and there is no “end game”. The fact of the matter is, the web changes all the time and the competition never sleeps. They’re waiting for you to start feeling comfortable and step down from the ladder of success so they can take your place. Don’t believe us? Stop doing SEO. If you’re so convinced you don’t need it anymore, stop doing and we’ll see you in a year (if you’re still in business, that is).


The idea that SEO is no longer viable is perpetuated by people who know nothing about SEO; people, who have never optimized a page in their lives; people, who don’t realize that the clickbait they’re throwing around is actually hurting many. Or maybe they do realize it but just don’t care. Either way, you shouldn’t believe every shocking title you see on the web.


Yes, it’s true that SEO is always changing. It’s a never-ending process of improving and being at the edge of the industry in order to stay ahead of others. That’s what makes it so difficult and that’s what makes it so important, and also it’s getting more expensive. It’s also true that there are no guarantees, but the risks usually pay off if you work with the right people. At the end of the day, it’s your choice. If you believe that SEO is no longer viable, then stop doing it, but you will have only yourself to blame when you stop losing business.
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