SEO: What Will Not Change in 2015?
SEO - search engine optimization

SEO is the type of field that changes all the time. Thus, it is not surprising that we’re mostly focusing our efforts on what we believe will change in the coming year. That being said, there are some thing that remain constant and we decided to talk about them for a change.


One of the things introduced in recent years that’s definitely here to stay (for now) is the role of social media in SEO. Yes, they don’t seem like something connected, but they are and we’ve explained this other articles so you can browse around if you’re interested in more details. In short – social media will still a play a big role in SEO in 2015.


Quality over quantity is one of those Google chants that seems like it’s there simply to annoy us. There are even memes with Matt Cutts and his “great content” routine, where he explains how important great content is to Google because they want to deliver the best to their customers. Their customers, in this context, are the users of the search engine, even though Google client base has grown significantly and in other fields since the company launched.


Finally, the thing that will definitely not change in SEO in 2015 is the importance of user experience on your website. This is not something that should be surprising, because better content and user experience means more shares and more time people spending on your site. This indirectly tells Google that your site is worth something, and when you throw in some other factors, as well, your rank will quickly grow.


NXTFactor is one of your best sources of SEO-related information. That will also not change in 2015. We will still offer amazing services so you can be sure that you can always count on us.