Why having an SEO strategy matters?
SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Asking why having a strategy matters is like asking why should you eat or breathe in order to live. It’s one of the most important aspects of SEO and you can’t achieve much without it. What are we saying? You can’t really survive without it. This might seem a bit far-fetched, especially since things are always changing, but it’s true. Working without a strategy in mind is like building a house without a plan or an IKEA item without using the instructions manual. It just doesn’t yield good results. Sure, things may change, but the idea that you need a strategy does not. This is the fundamental aspect of SEO and you will do well to remember it. It’s not something you can afford to underestimate. Otherwise you risk all your work going nowhere, and no one wants that. At least we don’t. You can be sure that this will happen if you don’t have a proper strategy in place, but you’re still free to try and see for yourself.

What does a good strategy involve? It involves a well-thought out plan of action that is based on the latest trends in the field. This means that you should focus a bit more on mobile, optimizing page speeds, long-tail keywords, and organic links, as of the writing of this article. Things might change soon, though, and the focus might be put on something else. This doesn’t mean that strategy doesn’t matter. It will just have to adapt and evolve – that’s it. It’s not that difficult, but you should constantly follow the trends. That’s why most people prefer to let others take care of their SEO needs.

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