Yelp Ads Display Options and How to Use Them

Yelp Ads Display Options and How to Use Them
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Yelp is one of the most popular review sites in the entire world. This makes it a trusted and reliable source for consumers searching for businesses providing specific services or products. This also makes Yelp a very important tool for businesses looking to bring in new customers and increase foot traffic. The main way a business can do this (without paying any additional money) is by providing quality service to their customers. As a result, these customers will then write positive reviews for them on their Yelp page. This is the number one way Yelp users will find new businesses, by looking for businesses with favorable reviews, reading them, and then making a decision. However, for businesses willing to cough up the cash and do some research, the best way to reach new customers on Yelp is by utilizing Yelp ads.

Business are given three different display options for their Yelp ads. This article will explain what each of them are, and how best to use them. The Yelp ads display options are as follows:

where are yelp ads displayed

Search Result Page

This option will place your business’s advertisement at the top of the search results page. This could potentially mean on top of your competitors’. This option is best used for businesses initially starting their advertising campaigns and mainly just looking to gain exposure. This display option will require some research for relevant key words for your business, which will help your Yelp ads be viewed by your target audience.


Competitor Page

This option will place your business’s advertisement on your competitors’ Yelp pages. This option is best suited for businesses that are already well-established and are looking to improve their standing in the market. Whereas the purpose of a Search Result Page ad is to draw in brand-new customers, the purpose of a Competitor Page ad is to steal customers away from your competitor. Both types of Yelp ads display options can be beneficial to any business, but choosing the right place to display an ad can help do what you want without spending more money to do it.


Mobile Ads

This option will place your business’s advertisement on search result and competitor pages on the Yelp app on mobile devices. According to Yelp, over half of all searches made on the website are being performed on mobile devices. Properly using Yelp ads to promote across all of their platforms can greatly increase the amount of customers coming into your business.


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