How to Improve your Professional Networking Presence on LinkedIn

How to Improve your Professional Networking Presence on LinkedIn

Improving your LinkedIn profile can provide a great networking opportunity for your business. Since its launch in 2003 it has grown exponentially to become the biggest professional social media network on the web. There are over 250 million monthly active users on LinkedIn.


Essentials for your LinkedIn

As we know LinkedIn is used for people who are seeking for employment and employers looking for hardworking people help their business grow. Every business owner needs to have a LinkedIn profile, a LinkedIn profile acts as an extension of your company brand. Based on your profile that’ll be the first impression for job seekers. There are many essential every profile should have and the ones that we think are most essential when making your LinkedIn profile are including your education, location, a professional headshot of yourself, a customized URL, headline, and background.

First Impressions

As said previously your LinkedIn profile is the first impression for job seekers and you don’t want to miss on someone that can be a big attribute to your business. Users who include their education appear in search 17 times more than those who do not. Also filling out the location field will also help you appear up to 23 times more. Believe it or not appearance matters, it’s what job seekers and employers will see first when looking at an application or a company.

Many people overlook a customized URL, but we believe it’s important mainly because it’s easier and it’s more professional when the direct link has your name on it than a bunch of random numbers, symbols, and letters. Every business owner needs a headline to stand apart from your competitors. What you can do to stand apart from your competitors is by customizing your headline with keywords, instead of having your headline as “CEO or Founder XYZ” try using keyword that will catch your customer’s attention. Having a background image will make a big difference in your profile, you can go from having a plain page with no color to having an image that represents your company. It’s a great way to show how creative you are.

Add as many connections as possible

LinkedIn has a total of 500 million users. Takes advantage of the community and make as many connections as possible. The average CEO has 930 on LinkedIn. You don’t have to know the person or have met them to add them as a connection. If you work in the same industry or see a potential partnership or future with them in your company, it doesn’t hurt to add a few connections here and there. Having connections can help you spark ideas, for example if someone that you’re connected with posted something that can be useful for your company, you can take that idea and improve it.

Create both consistent and diverse post

Be active, make consistent post, and be part of the community. These are the number one rule in social media – when you’re out of sight, you’re out of mind. People will get to know your organization or business better when you make consistent post such as one or two post per week. To spark interest in your audience, don’t forget to change up the post. Publish a variety of post such as news or breakthroughs in relevant industries, company updates, or interactive post asking your followers for their inputs on various topic. This shows that your company cares about its audience.

Take advantage of career search

We don’t want to miss a hardworking, freshly graduated from college, after all they might make a big impact to your business. There are 50 million students and recent graduates on LinkedIn looking for jobs. If you are looking to hire new employers, create a job post. Ask people to comment or send you their resume if they are interested. This gives you a diverse array of options to select from because you will get a lot of responses. LinkedIn has one of the biggest communities when it comes to people actively search for jobs.

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