Paid Media Moves To Forefront of Facebook Marketing

Paid Media Moves To Forefront of Facebook Marketing

Brands have to incorporate paid advertising into their social media budget to ensure their content is seen by existing and potential customers on Facebook.

Facebook as much as conceded that brands will have to pay more to have their content seen on the site in a sales document. This comes on the heels of the company announcing that it has tweaked the newsfeed to prioritize links to high-quality articles over meme-type photos. That means less room for unpaid brand posts.

That’s only the latest of recent newsfeed changes aimed at ensuring that users see more relevant,engaging content in their stream of updates. Facebook has characterized these adjustments as aimed at delivering a “personalized newspaper experience” to users. Newspapers haven’t historically given away ad space.

When it comes to amplifying content through paid media, it is recommended to boost each higher-quaity post with advertising and monitor engagement and audience data to inform targeting. A recent Facebook campaign by the agency for Hanes, for example, targeted fans of “The Walking Dead” TV series and similar interest groups to boost interaction with a certain post.

Finally, it is suggested that marketers consider alternatives to Facebook because of the increased challenge of connecting with target audiences without paying.

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