The International Introduction To WeChat Advertising While WeChat Is Getting Banned

The International Introduction To WeChat Advertising While WeChat Is Getting Banned

How to Start Advertising Using WeChat

WeChat is not getting banned according to Supreme Court. To advertise on WeChat, you’ll need first to set up an official WeChat account. Unfortunately, the process of creating an official account can be complicated if your business is not based in China. Companies seeking to advertise on WeChat will need to contact an advertising service provider, such as Universal Processing’s Marketing Service.

What does WeChat Marketing Look Like?

There are four main areas where you can advertise on WeChat and Tencent’s answer to influencer marketing, Key Opinion Leader Advertising.

  1. WeChat Moments
  2. WeChat Official Accounts
  3. Advertising in WeChat Mini Programs
  4. Key Opinion Leader Advertising

WeChat Moments Ads

WeChat Moments are the most intuitive and familiar form of advertising on the platform. These ads show up in the app user’s Moments feed and behave similarly to conventional facebook feed ads.

Official Account Ads

Ads displayed on official accounts can take two forms: banner ads and short video clips. These banner ads and video clips can appear mid-article or at the bottom of articles published by official accounts.

Mini Program Ads

Mini Programs are lightweight apps that exist within WeChat. These apps can allow users to browse videos, edit photos, shop online, play games, and more. There are three types of Mini Program ads: banner ads, pop up image ads, and incentive video clips that play over gaming Mini Programs.

Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Advertising

Key opinion leader (KOL) advertising is the equivalent of influencer marketing on Instagram. Tencent will oversee the collaboration, pair businesses interested in KOL advertising, and collect a service fee. Both parties will have the final say in deciding if the partnership is suitable. The final price will also be determined between the business and the Key Opinion Leader.

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