Marketing In 5G: The Targeting and Positioning

Marketing In 5G: The Targeting and Positioning

Create a unique brand positioning

Due to the ever-changing ecosystem we live in, our marketing methods have evolved at each stage. Notwithstanding, the marketing objects haven’t changed and continue to be centered around “the people”. In the marketing 3.0 era, the most significant difference is that enterprises level the consumer experience and increase users’ participation. The key component to this is big data and how it becomes a great resource for customizable services. This information allows corporations to have access to individuals’ hobbies, family members, education level, and even pets’ names. Precise brand characteristics is one-way companies can distinguish themselves from the competition. It is imperative that intricate marketing strategies are implemented to ensure brands have prominent differences and avoid brand homogenization. 

Aim at the target users and understand what they want

Recently, Costco, the leader in the retail industry, has earned enough hot spots. Relying on its unique membership system, low selling price, less SKU, strong bargaining power, and high turnover ability, Costco chose to compete in the international market before the 5G era, presumably to stand in the domestic complex retail port before the 5G age comes. Choose a different road from other retail giants, and strive for a share in the severe Chinese market.

Use high-quality creative content to attack the user’s interest

In the era of information flooding, it is difficult for brands to acquire new users through the original traditional brand imprint. Users encounter hordes of new information every day. Now that companies have to meet more complex audience demands, brands will eventually conform and use their creativity to prove value. 

Why are more and more brands starting to play cross-border marketing? 

Behind the scenes are the anxieties and struggles of each brand competing to gain more consumers’ attention.

From TikTok to Reel, more and more businesses are starting to create short video commercials to spread brand awareness. 

So, how should Internet companies improve their marketing capabilities in the 5G era?

Use data as a means to consumer trends 

Customers are the target of enterprise marketing and a vital force to bring economic benefits. Expanding customer sources in the 5G era is the primary task. Experts suggest that we collect customer information through various channels and communicate with customers in all directions to understand the real needs and daily preferences of customers, which is a key factor to improve marketability. 

Enhance the awareness of Internet marketing

Ads and data mining can contribute positively to the future of online marketing. In the 5G era, if the sales model of Internet companies want to change to a new model, they need to continually strengthen their marketing awareness and change their ideas.

Strengthen public opinion monitoring

Public opinion spreads faster, has wider channels, and has a far-reaching influence. Once the negative public opinion against enterprises spreads throughout the marketplace, all marketing strategies will be useless unless they evolve quickly. Therefore, maintaining a good reputation and providing a quality service should be foremost on every customer-facing company’s vision board.  


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