About Stuffay

We built a dynamic mobile application that allows “stuffers” to shop, share and explore with their friends directly from their phones. Stuffay adds shopping to the mix, creating a novel social networking app with a new dimension. While other social networks treat the shopper or the shop as both customer and commodity, Stuffay does something altogether different, giving voice to the social networker’s shopping habits themselves as a means of connection.

Ultimately, one will not just shop with Stuffay, but share and explore their life through shopping, empowering members, their fellow stuffers (friends), and those they’re curious about to communicate with what they buy and where they buy it.

Stuffers will find out the stuff that’s new and that’s popular as they share and connect with fellow stuffers across the globe. It’s easy, it’s free, and of course, it’s the stuff what matters the most.

November 27, 2013