3 Objections to SEO that Are Totally Wrong

3 Objections to SEO that Are Totally Wrong

At this point, we’re sort of used to hearing how SEO doesn’t work and how “Google tracks down SEOs and then lynches them for messing with the search results.” And even though that is, indeed, sometimes the case (we’re looking at you, black hats), for the most part SEO is not only effective, but it’s needed if you want your site out there. That being said, many people object. Here are three totally wrong, yet popular objections to SEO.

SEO is not Effective

Right off the bat we’re starting with the ridiculous. Saying that SEO doesn’t work today is like saying that advertising didn’t work in the 60s. It’s absurd. The difference between an optimized site and an unoptimized one can be spotted easily (mainly because one is much easier to find than the other). That argument only holds water if we’re talking about black hat SEO, and not all SEO is black hat, so the argument is invalid. If you don’t think SEO is effective, no one is making you use it. Just don’t go off yelling that Google is trying to ruin your business because your site is located on page 65 with your most successful keyword.

SEO is Unstable

SEO may change, but the core principles behind it stay the same, so this argument doesn’t really work. Great content with proper keywords and good links has always been the basis of SEO and always be the basis of SEO. What actually changes are advanced techniques, but that doesn’t really affect the sites in most cases (unless bad practices have been employed).

SEO is too Expensive

It’s true that SEO services are a bit expensive, and since doing good SEO is getting harder, prices are going up. However, that being said, search engine optimization offers a great and continuous return of investment. If it’s done properly, you can reap the benefits for the years to come. That’s why it’s better to pay a little more but to know that you’re done with it.

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