3 Things That Used to be True about SEO (But are not anymore)

The field of SEO has changed a lot since we started working. We’ve had to adapt to the newly released Google updates and algorithm changes more than we would care for, but we’re still here and there is a reason for it – even though the details may change, the big picture remains the same. This is something many SEO fail to see. However, there are still things that are no longer true, yet are still commonly used in SEO.

1. “It’s all about the keywords!”

Back in the olden days when SEO was much easier to define, this used to be true. SEO really was all about keywords and links. However, today the field has shifted more towards user experience and overall content that is not simply based around a few specific key phrases.

2. “Links – the more, the merrier”

If you’re new to SEO, then you may have not encountered the automated software that created thousands of low-quality links to a website. Google introduced special updates to deal with this pest, but for some reason many people still believe it works. It doesn’t. It can only get you punished and nothing more – Penguin will see to that!

3. “Google loves content”

Content is king! This cliché has been tossed around more than we’d like, even though we’ve used it, too. It’s true – content is king. However, what most people fail to see is that it’s not simply content – it’s high quality content that people actually enjoy that is king. The rest is just something most of us ignore. It’s not about writing something. It’s about writing something good.

NXTFactor is well aware of these changes, and many others that have occurred over the years. That’s why we’re always on top of our game and deliver high quality content to our clients.