Why There are No Guarantees in SEO

We’ve all heard claims of secret formulas that ensure that you live longer and look younger, while at the same time allowing you to eat whatever you want without gaining weight. You can see these claims all over the Internet, and even in your spam filter. Giving a guarantee that you will reach Google’s number one spot for a certain keyword is basically the same. There isn’t, and there should never be a guarantee that anyone will reach the top. There are several reasons for this, but we want to first warn you to beware of such guarantees as they are most likely fishy at best.

Google’s ranking system takes a lot of factors into consideration. SEO is not “X keywords/Y content=Number 1”. No one really knows what Google’s algorithms are looking for, aside from Google employees, and you can be sure that they won’t go around telling people. What we know about SEO is what Google tells us and what we find out through reverse engineering. It doesn’t sound thrilling, we know, but this is how we do.

Hence, there can be no guarantee. Not to mention the fact that what works today may not work tomorrow, meaning that there will be a shift in the ranking. The algorithms are always changing and we can never know what will be hit next. That’s why we always give it our all to stay on top of the changes and make sure that our clients always receive the best services. Luckily, there are a few core principles that never change, one of which is that great content will always receive enough attention. But beware of guarantees and exaggerated claims. If someone tells you that they have a special relationship with Google and can make your rank skyrocket in a week, they’re most definitely lying.

NXTFactor offers you excellent SEO services. Even though we can’t guarantee you anything, we let our impressive results speak for themselves. There is always a risk component in SEO, and it’s your decision whether you take that risk or not. However, you can’t go wrong by choosing us.