SEO: Be different from your competitors
idea concept

In the SEO game, people often play by the same rules. So much so that they end up getting the same bad results. Those who win at the game are usually the ones that are doing something different from their competitors. This is not the dawn of SEO anymore when everybody was doing things in the same manner and the only difference was in the quantity. Now business is conducted differently and quantity has stepped down from the ladder in favor of quality. It’s the ones with the highest quality content that get the best results these days.


If SEO were an actual race, it would be a marathon, not a sprint. SEO takes time, and doing it properly is required if you want to succeed. The thing is that if you don’t want to wait and instead chase after quick results, you will probably fail because you will be doing everything your competitors are doing. However, search engines have gotten smarter so it’s no longer possible win the game like that. Instead, you have to get more creative and do it for the people. The more people are pleased, the better your ranking will be.
Ask yourself what your competition doesn’t do and try it. Maybe they don’t optimize well for mobile. Maybe they don’t have quality customer support. Maybe they have slow loading speeds. Whatever the case may be, you should definitely use it. If you’re doing something better and people notice that, then odds are they will start recommending your site more, which means more natural links and sharing via social networks, which means better rank. Another thing you can try is be more creative with your content. Whatever you do, try to be different. Can’t get different results if you’re doing the same thing.


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