SEO is not as Dynamic as People Seem to Think

SEO is not as Dynamic as People Seem to Think

SEO is quickly developing industry, that’s a fact. Although that maybe the case, however, SEO is not actually changing as much as you might think. Sure, some of the techniques change over time and you need to stay up to date and follow those, but the core principles of the optimization stay the same. The reason why we’re doing this stays the same.

Many webmasters complain that Google is always trying to destroy their websites and that they always get hit by updates like Panda and Penguin, but the truth is that Google only has one aim in mind – provide great content to its clients. Remember – search results are a product. For you, they’re a way to let people know who you are, but Google doesn’t care about your business – they care about their own business, and that will quickly go down of the search results they provide are worse than the competition. Google don’t want to become the MySpace of search engines so they are always on top of their game. And that means change.

That being said, if you always provide great, high quality content and simply comply with Google’s webmasters regulations, you will be safe from being persecuted by the search giant. When we say that Google doesn’t care about your business, we mean they don’t care either way. This means that you can still be quite successful thanks to good practices, a good website, and awesome user experience. If people come to your site and leave happy, then Google will recommend you more. Making that happen has always been a core principle of SEO. Good SEOs have always written for people, not search engines, and though the content is optimized for the bots, it’s also useful and interesting for the people. As long as this is the case, the package may change, but SEO will stay the same.

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